CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS 2010 – Top Hotel Praha

Saturday 15.1.2011 took Champion of Champions competition in Prague. We apply for registration at the last minute, Lucy hesitated since, because the same day took place on Superstar audition and she was registered. Finally, we arranged, that the competition will undergo,

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Saturday 16.10.2010 We went to an exhibition in Komarno. We wanted to try to judge from the U.S. (Helene Nietsch). The weather was fine and the atmosphere at the show was great. Lucy have some exercise with a second place Brad and then added

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After a perilous journey, full of nerves, thereafter, if we “betrayed” navigation, We arrived with considerable delay in Celje on the venue of the exhibition. Although at the last moment, category, but the veteran champion and fortunately we managed to. Luck ran out of breath and a circle with the number still in hand,

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31.7. MVP a 1.8. NVP Bremen (THE)

After a long pause this weekend, we took on a two-day exhibition in Bremen, Germany. On Saturday at an international show with Brad Lucy in the competition 11 dogs some exercise in the open class first place and CAC. On Sunday, the national show ended with Brad Lucy in the champion class, too “box” as the fourth.

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