EDS Warszawa 11.-12.10.2018

12.10.2018 80th Anniversary Jubilee Show (EDS) Poland
judge: Barbara Larska (EN)

B´Xavi Hot Star TarreonChampion ClassExc.1, CWC (14 registered dogs), res. Winner of the 80th Anniversary Jubilee Show
April Yma Sumac TarreonChampion ClassExc. 3 (14 registered dogs)
Dodge Delivered TarreonIntermediate ClassExc. 2 (6 registered dogs)

11.10.2018 EUROPEAN DOG SHOW Warszawa Poland
judge: Claudio de Giuliani (IT)
B´Xavi Hot Star TarreonChampion ClassExcellent
Dodge Delivered TarreonIntermadiate ClassVG

judge: Zvi Kupferberg (THE)
April Yma Sumac TarreonChampion ClassVG

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